Colon Hydrotherapy using the Canadian 'Aquanet EC2000' - dual mode Gravity/Pressurised

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Welcome!  My hope for this site is to help people find solutions to their health problems and not have to suffer so much like I did.  After a lifetime of searching I have finally found simple natural answers to keep me headache free (which is a big deal since I have suffered chronic headaches for about 30 years), digesting well, lively and energetic and my greatest goal has now been achieved, to mostly feel comfortable in my body.  ITS BEEN A VERY LONG JOURNEY FOR ME, BUT I WANT TO HELP YOU GET THERE SOONER IF I CAN!  So for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired you have come to the right place....................................

"PATIENT'S GUIDE TO COLON HYDROTHERAPY" From Prime Pacific Health Innovations, Canada (www.primepacifichealth.com), using the Aquanet Colon Hydrotherapy Medical Device, as used at Wholistic Wellness Centres, video below: