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Customer Testimonials

My third session of colonic lavage (colon hydrotherapy) with Lorraine was profound! Previous experiences in Perth, WA and London were also beneficial, however this session with Lorraine left me feeling incredibly light, healthier, as old, old faecal matter was eliminated.

Joan, July 2017

Very impressed with the hydrotherapy treatments and dietary advice that I have been getting from Lorraine, as now instead of my energy levels going up and down throughout the day, I am feeling much more consistent energy levels.  This allows me to also think clearer and achieve more.  It has been quite life changing!

David Lynch, Music Producer, diamondrecordings.com.au

Regular Colon Hydrotherapy as well as enemas have been most helpful managing chronic headaches.  They usually work immediately to eliminate a headache without needing to resort to drug therapy. 

Lorraine Lynch, Wholistic Wellness Centre/s