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Wholistic Yoga Classes

Moving the body and keeping it agile is so important as we age, so that we are able to easily perform the many tasks we need to do in any given day.  Yoga reminds us to appreciate every part of our beautiful bodies, bringing pleasure and energy to the entire body.  This is the thing that people who haven't experienced yoga don't realise that finding those stretches and parts of the body that have been neglected, feel so pleasurable - like scratching a long-standing itch!  Meet your unique body where it is at, and nurture it step by step into more and more wholeness.  Suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced.



45 minutes, led by Lorraine Lynch, Fitness Leader, Yoga & Meditation Teacher.  The class is medium paced, covering all parts of the body and keeping you more agile in your daily activities.  Increase your range of motion gradually with gentle stretches with deep breathing.  Helping you release especially from neck & shoulders.  Helping you stay more relaxed, centred and increasing your resiliance.

COST:  $15 per class

AT WHOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTRE/S MAREEBA, Shop 7, Capitol Arcade (Opposite The Reject Shop), 166 Byrnes Street, Mareeba.